Hi, I’m Sue and I am the owner of Celtic Aura.

I am in my late 50s, married and living in Macclesfield with my husband Jeff.  Our daughter, Alexandra is in her 20s and married and she’s important in my journey to where I am now.

I have probably been on the pagan path all my life without realising it.  I was born in Aberdeen (although I moved South of the Border when I was 5 so don’t have a Scottish accent).  I am very proud of my Scottish heritage and more importantly my Celtic heritage having been born very close to the East Aquhorthies Stone Circle.

When I was 16 my Gran gave me my first set of tarot cards.  She used to do readings for family and friends, so it was natural that I did too.  Gran also used to take me to the springtime Well Dressings in small Derbyshire villages and I realise now a lot of these are connected to the Wheel of the Year and marking sabbats such as Imbolc and Beltane.

Naming Ceremony Celebrant

A Naming Ceremony is an opportunity for you to promise to be the best parents you can be and to pledge yourself to the upbringing of your child in a series of promises.  You can include other family members and friends who will support your child as they grow.